Return of the Fedora Podcast

Hey Fedor-ians! (Maybe? We’ll work on that.)

There are a couple of us looking at restarting the Fedora Podcast! Before we do, I wanted to get you opinions.

  • What did you like about the show?

  • What did you not like about the show?

  • What would you like to see on the show? (episode ideas, content types, etc)

We look forward to hearing from you!


I’ve never heard the old one but coculd be fun having one discussing your linux distro :slight_smile: Maybe do video?

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I believe this is the current website to the old seasons, but it seems like things have broken.

I would love to see the return of the podcast! Covering similar topics as to what we had before would be good, but it could be nice to have things be a little more conversational. Some of the older episodes felt like very rigid interviews. RHEL Presents is a good vibe of the little I’ve listened, so if it’s similar to that then I think we’re good.

I wonder if it would be beneficial to start with a limited series to gauge interest and go from there? So something like committing yourself to 5 episodes with the promise of continuing for longer based on what you guys see.

Schedule-wise I think whatever is flexible for you guys is probably best, but if there’s interest to have a regular schedule that’s fine too. Right now there is no expectation so it can be as frequent or infrequent as you guys want.

Also, you guys can coordinate with the Marketing Team and we can help where we can. We’ve been active on Mastodon with plans to get active on the other socials. We can help with promotion obviously, but also to potentially gather questions. “Ben Cotton will be our guest next week, what questions do you want to ask him?” That sort of thing. Or other ideas also!


So, the original host is ramping things up for F38 Release timeframe. I didn’t know that was the plan. I apologize if I stepped on any toes.

I might have heard one episode, and I welcome the return of the show.

I’d like a mix of news, interviews, how-tos and reviews of hardware, software and books. I’d love it if Matthew Miller would do a little bit for the show every time.

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