What is the recommended next step after fedora installation media check failed situation?

I created a fedora installation media(live usb) using fedora media writer. Then booted using that and tested the medium. Then media check failed. The problem is that, its stuck there. its not restarting automatically. Do i long press power button or is there a keyboard shortcut to exit?
update: ctrl+alt+delete didn’t work. Only long pressing power button worked.
lesson learned - don’t plug the live usb into the machine when windows is running. it will cause media check to fail.

The keyboard shortcut for reboot is Ctrl-Alt-Delete. It should be immediate when you are on a text console.

Edit: Also, at that stage of the installation a hard power-off should be fine because it shouldn’t have begun altering the disk content yet.

Ctrl-Alt-Delete should work. A short press of the power button should also work.

In that situation, a long press of the power button is also perfectly OK. If your case has a reset button, that is also OK. Even killing external power (back switch on most power supplies and/or unplugging the cord) should be OK.