What is Ignition?


In your FAQ and else you talk about “Ignition”, but apart from “it’s a setup tool” you hardly explained it anywhere.

Also, when I search for it, I just get results of some iOS/car thing and industrial stuff that i doubt has anything to do with this.

So any explanation/links/pointers would be appreciated here. (Also, AFAIK, this has never been used before in any other Fedora project – or CoreOS, has it?)

Full disk encryption (FDE) for CoreOS?

It is the CoreOS network configuration tool, similar to cloud-init, I believe: https://coreos.com/ignition/docs/latest/network-configuration.html


Ignition is new to the Fedora ecosystem, but has been offered in Container Linux since 2015. Ignition’s introductory material and documentation index are available. Note that Ignition configs are not intended to be written by hand; they’re typically generated from a Container Linux Config. (For Fedora CoreOS, the latter will evolve into something like a “Fedora CoreOS Config”).