How to validate ignition and/or fcos config?

Hey, I have been playing a bit with Fedore CoreOS Config Transpiler, hence with ignition as well.

And I thought it would be good be able to validate a FCOS Config even maybe the ignition output as well.

I came across this old CoreOS Validation tool.

Would it be possible to to the same today? Any other tool I am missing out there?


Each release of Ignition comes with a corresponding ignition-validate binary. There are pre-built binaries attached to each release on GitHub, as well as container images. For more details, see GitHub - coreos/ignition: First boot installer and configuration tool.

The fcct transpiler already validates both its input YAML and output JSON, so I don’t think you’d need further validation steps there.

I’m not aware of any online validation tools at this time. However, except for one-off manual experiments, your CI/automation pipeline should be better served by the above binaries.

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Cool, thank you Luca, I did not know about that!!

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