Check of ignition configs

Hello everybody, could you please check my ignition file ( and tell me if I’m missing something? I’m planning on using it for OKD installation. Do I need the etcd or the bootstrap?

If you’re trying to install OKD 4, you should use the official openshift-install tool which will generate Ignition configs for you.

I’m installing on bare-metal and everything will be on a single fcos system. I have 64cores and 256gb ram so yeah I’ll lose HA but I was hoping to get all the master and worker nodes on this system. Also can I use the openshift-install from the fcos system or I need it on my install system. First time dealing with containers so please correct me if I didn’t understood how they work.
or you mean I should just put the basic ssh-key user on fcos(base) then ssh in and use openshift-installer?

To be clear, you’re hoping to do a multi-node cluster on a single FCOS host?

It might be wise to take a step back and read the relevant documentation:

Installing a cluster on bare metal
OKD: Can I run a single-node cluster?

Overall, my sense is that you’ll want to get a better understanding of containers and of OKD. We (the OKD Community) would be happy to get you on the right track. You can join us on slack here…

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I can’t explain how happy I am to get this link I’ve been wall busting my head for the last two weeks. Thank you!

Happy to help. You will likely gain some benefit from reading the OKD architecture section of the OKD Docs. Good luck. See you in the OKD group.

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