How to install CoreOS on bare metal

Hi everybody,

I’m just a home user, coming from Atomic to run some home services in containers like transmission, serviio, nextcloud, nginx, redis, mariadb, …

I’d like to move to CoreOS, for testing purpose for the moment but of course I’d like to go in ‘production’ env as soon as possible …

My biggest concern is about ignition file ! I don’t understand anything !

I just want to install CoreOS on a Raid 1 bare-metal but absolutely don’t know how to do that …

hey @nemric - sorry about the delay here. We just revamped our installer and our documentation. If you grab a newly ISO from and try with the steps from the documentation can you get it to work?

Please allow me to hijack this thread, as I think it’s relevant. I downloaded the latest stable VMware image from the download site and then booted it up to a console. At no time during the boot process did it prompt me for an ignition file. Now I am at the console and I don’t know the username and password. How do I login?

Please start new threads for new topics.

We don’t have good VMware documentation at the moment, unfortunately. On VMware you need to pass an Ignition config via a guestinfo property; there’s no other way to configure the machine. See the old Container Linux documentation for more info.

Updated the Title/Topic to be more accurate. @eightup we’ll try to get some documentation for that soon. If you want feel free to create an issue to track it against this repo: