FCOS Day-2 Tutorial

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I’m “playing” with FCOS, just trying to familiarize myself with workflows and use cases and I can find dozens of instances of the same 101-level “Hello World” intro/demo/tutorial. But I have been unable to find anything that goes into a bit more depth on day-2 like operations of the like.

I’m looking for guidance/best-practices on configuring multiple containers/multiple users. Should it all be done in ignition at the beginning? Can I easily use user-level systems units to auto-start? Basically, what transfers directly from Fedora Server and what do I need to do differently.

I’d like a little more beyond the “Use ign to configure a hello world container” that seems ubiquitous. Can you point me to any resources?

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Hi Damien,

You might want to check this article and github repository about running a matrix server on FCOS. It is showing a more advance use case with multiple services, certificates etc …

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Thanks for that! It is a much more thorough example than I’ve found elsewhere. I do have one question though. That example creates the entire stack in the ignition file so everything is configured from the start. Is it possible/advisable, to start and configure containers and services on a running FCOS server. For example, if you are setting up Prometheus and various exporters to support it and later you want to add another exporter to the mix. On a conventional Fedora Server box, you’d configure the systemd unit file and enable/start it. Done. On FCOS, can you do that sort of interim “reconfigure” or is it update the ignition file and rebuild?

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Hey @damien,

You can certainly SSH into the machine and configure it after first boot. However, we typically recommend that you update your Ignition config once you’re done and test a re-deploy of your node. Having all of the configuration in Ignition (or Butane) means you’re confident that you can rebuild your machine at any time. Of course, it’s extra work and go back and do that so it doesn’t always happen :slight_smile: