What happened to Gnome Games in Flathub?

It’s nowhere to be found, even when I launch its direct link, a “404 page not found” appears at the Flathub website:


What gives?

You’ll have to ask FlatHub, or see the associated repo and perhaps speak to the individuals who were providing this Flapak:

(Fedora does not maintain FlatHub, nor the Flatpaks on it)

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It was renamed to Highscore and moved to the World section on GNOME GitLab. I guess it is no longer an official GNOME app.

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That one still doesn’t show up in Flathub:


Did you search the FlatHub repositories to see if it has been packaged as a Flatpak yet?

Things don’t just “show up” as Flatpaks—someone somewhere builds the Flatpaks and submits them for inclusion into Flathub. More here:

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Yep, someone already asked on the project’s git repository

In short: Highscore is still in development, and currently not very active. It will be on flathub once it’s done.


In the meantime I suggest checking out Lutris as an alternative. It supports libretro like GNOME Games / Highscore, as well as many other emulators, wine, Steam etc.

I clicked in the Flathub button available in the Gitlab page thinking it was already available.

Thank you for the clarification.

Gonna try it, thank you.


Ah, right—that’s probably a link from a common repository template that Gnome projects use.