Where is the source code/issue tracker for Fedora's Flathub repo data?

Where do I find a repository or issue tracker for the data in Fedora’s flathub? I’m searching for something like https://packages.fedoraproject.org/ but for Fedora’s own Flatpaks (not flathub.org)

Background: Fedora’s flathub has some deprecated applications which were removed from flathub.org years ago. I guess they should at least be deprecated, probably also removed from Fedora’s flathub. I just don’t know where to report this to. Both GNOME Software and flatpak remotes -d point me to https://registry.fedoraproject.org/, but that site does not have a link to the data repository.

(Example app: FeedReader. It has been removed from flathub.org in 2020, the images are broken in GNOME software but it still is present there)

Could it be fedora / Special Interest Groups (SIGs) / Fedora Flatpak SIG / Fedora Flatpaks · GitLab ?

See also SIGs/Flatpak - Fedora Project Wiki