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Hello, everyone! Can I trust to non-official repository, like RPM Fusion, Flatpak, Google Linux Software Repositories, Fedy? They don’t have any viruses or spyware or something like that which can damage my system?

Hi Yong, I recommend you to make some efforts to search for Quick Docs articles and previous discourse posts on the topics you’re after.

Also Docs home page has built-in search facility. Please use them.

I noticed you opened multiple posts on different topics today. I am not sure if you made efforts to self serve.

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any non-official repository is not under the responsibility of Fedora Linux or the Fedora Community. If you trust them is up to you…

When you talk about flatpak, do you mean Flathub? Flatpaks from the Fedora repository (Fedora remote) are built from the the same sources as the rpms. However, flatpaks from Flathub are sometimes closed source and can introduce malicious software (as recently happened in the Snap store).


Thank you:) I will try to make an effort :slight_smile:

I mean Flatpak - Flatpak - Wikipedia.

I had recommended to do so because all questions were asked in a single topic, which makes it harder to answer (reference Can Fedora be my safe and stable OS?)

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Cross-referencing external sources is sometimes required. However, if you didn’t make research on Fedora resources and upstream documentation, we don’t put focus on validating external content. I’m not saying they are less reputable than Fedora resources.

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I’m sorry, but I did not quite understand) What do you mean?:slight_smile:

Not exactly. You can always inspect the flatpak itself: how it is built, what does it contains.
So, what you can find on Flathub is a proprietary software packaged as flatpak. And as we know, nobody can inspect the code of the closed source software. All that doesn’t automatically translate to malicious software.

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I wasn’t saying that. I was just saying that Flathub also hosts closed-source software and that could introduce mailicious code. You simply can’t know …


Hi Yong, I mean wikipedia to be external sources. I would recommend you to read Fedora articles like Fedora Magazine or official Docs from the Fedora flatpak SIG to have balanced view.

Also check upstream documentation on flatpaks.

Flatpak is a primary way that GUI apps can be installed on Fedora Kinoite or Silverblue. It is defaulted in software center (KDE Discover, GNOME Software). It is official.

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