Can Fedora be my safe and stable OS?

Hello, dear Fedora community! I have the several questions:

  1. I wanna use Fedora for development(desktop apps, websites, mobile apps), which use Node JS (Electron JS, React JS/Native), PHP, OpenJDK, etc. If I choose Fedora for this purposes, Fedora will support stability, can I be sure that nothing in Fedora can be broken in any moment?:slight_smile: Or All system will be broken?: (^_^)
  2. Now I use Debian Testing, and I think to move on Fedora. Do Fedora provide new packages faster than Debian Testing?
  3. Can I trust to non-official repository, like RPM Fusion, Flatpak, Google Linux Software Repositories, Fedy? They don’t have any viruses or spyware or something like that which can damage my system?
  4. Are Fedora Spins safe like Fedora Workstation with GNOME? :slight_smile:
  5. What are Immutable Desktops? What the differences between Immutable Desktops and Workstation?

P.S. I love Fedora philosophy. Fedora is experimental polygon for Rad Hat, but it brings good things like innovation technologies.

Dear @hightechyong, welcome to the Fedora community!

It is recommended to ask one question per topic, so we can answer precisely and mark one answer as solution, whereas this isn’t possible when we try to answer five questions in a topic. It also helps you get a structured thread avoiding cross-topic posts that make the thread hard to read.

May I suggest to post 5 separate topics? Or maybe four, since you have answers to question #5 here:


Thank you for your answer! Yes, sure. I’ll keep it on mind.