Stable and safe OS for development

Hello, everyone! I wanna use Fedora for development(desktop apps, websites, mobile apps), which use Node JS (Electron JS, React JS/Native), PHP, OpenJDK, etc. If I choose Fedora for this purposes, Fedora will support stability, can I be sure that nothing in Fedora can be broken in any moment?:slight_smile: Or All system will be broken?: (^_^)

I think Fedora is perfect for dev usage (I’m using it for >15 years)

Yes, it is stable
Well, of course, ShitHappens(c)™

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You can use containers to develop in. OCI compliant images, Podman, Docker, toolbox. It’s a good way to keep your system free of the clutter you will create with your environments.

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Thank you for your answer! What do you use Fedora Workstation/Spins or Fedora Immutable desktops, like BlueSIlver? Can you describe your choice?

I’m using the Fedora Workstation standard spin, because I’m used to (before other doesn’t exist)


Are you going to move on Fedora SilverBlue?