The GNOME 41 runtime is no longer supported

Here is what I did that I got this message. I keep updating things to latest so this is in respect to 16-July-2023.

$ sudo flatpak update
Looking for updates…

Info: runtime org.gnome.Platform branch 41 is end-of-life, with reason:
   The GNOME 41 runtime is no longer supported as of September 17, 2022. Please ask your application developer to migrate to a supported platform.
Info: applications using this runtime:

Nothing to do.

You should run
flatpak uninstall –unused

$ sudo flatpak uninstall -unused
[sudo] password for XXXXXXXXXXXX: 
error: Unknown option -unused


$ sudo flatpak uninstall --unused
Nothing unused to uninstall

Well what does this mean?

It looks, from your initial post, that this runtime still is used, by the Flatpak app labeled org.gnome.gitg. It seems that that application has not been updated on Flathub for over a year.

I would suggest removing it, and installing the one from the Fedora Flathub repository instead. Even if the application is not updated, we rebuild these for every release, using our newer supported runtime (and, often, increased security hardening and other improvements).


Sorry about that, I missed this when reading.

Info: applications using this runtime:

FYI, There’s a pull request to update on flathub
Update runtime to 44 and other fixes by bbhtt · Pull Request #27 · flathub/org.gnome.gitg · GitHub


Then I will heed your advice, but ignore since this is just updating from source problem.

Thank You for all your time!

I would suggest updating. That runtime is no longer getting security updates, and by its nature gitg operates with remote data, making it potentially vulnerable to exploits.

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