What does the level on Wi-Fi icon mean?

I have 2 notebooks and a LTE Wi-Fi router, all are in the same small room.
Why the level signal in both notebooks are not similar and fluctuate all time ?
I placed a notebook on another notebook and took pictures.

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No clue what aparamter is actually displayed there, probably dBm - Decibels in relation to a milliwatt (usually -30 to -100).

I would install wavemon and collect some data about what’s going on. (iwconfig tells you some very basic information as well)

If your wifi router and clients are in a small room, try lowering the output power of your wifi router, that may improve the link quality (no need to have the devices shout at each other). Also, try changing the wifi channel, maybe the one your are using is jammed, also try moving to the 5Ghz band.

Don’t you have this funky Realtek oder Broadcom card? Could easily be a driver issue…

Try searching the internet including name of your wifi chipset, firmware issue are common for some chipsets, for example: linux - Low wifi strength - Fedora 33 - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

Is your phone equally affected by this? If not, it’s likely some driver/firmware issue.

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Thank you so much.
Unfortunately, both notebooks has Realtek card, RTL8821CE :disappointed:.
Now I have uninstalled the driver downloaded from Github and use from kernel instead.
The result is still exactly the same, bad, fluctuated and no signal.
On the other hand, there is no problem on all of my phones.
One last question please, is the driver in the kernel from Github or Realtek?

(In the past, when I used the driver downloaded from Github, it worked well.
Until someone modified it, the result is worse.)