WIFI icon cannot display the change of the signal intensity

The WIFI icon on the right of the topbar cannot display the change of the signal intensity when I take my laptop to different distances from the WIFI router.

you mean this is a bug, or would you like it did?

I don’t like it. It should be a bug.

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@wuqso you should file a bug report at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/ You will need to login or sign up.

Hrm, Mine on a Fedora 32 workstation definitely does. More information please: what desktop environment and Fedora version are you on?

No, you can just use your Fedora account on Bugzilla too (the same one you are using to log into Ask Fedora). This doc provides steps on filing good bugs:

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I’m using Fedora 32 workstation and wayland windowing system.

That’s odd. It seems to work for me on the Fedora 32 workstation with Wayland:

I don’t know where to start debugging this. This is all NetworkManger, with Gnome-shell only doing the last display bit. Does nmcli dev wifi show signal strength, for example?

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