Is this adapter card in serious condition?

While I was changing a battery for my notebook, I saw an adapter card and took this picture.

Is it a card for Wi-Fi, WLAN and Bluetooth ?
I saw some alternative ones in the internet, some has 2 port for 2 cords. But in my notebook, it has only one cord with an attached label mentioning 'MAIN".

Now the problem is that the Wi-Fi signal receiving is so disgusting. Fluctuated, lost and gone every other minute. I think the card is going to heaven soon. Is it correct ? And can you please advise the alternative one for this notebook ? Or are there any ways to setup ?

First, it needs a second wireless antenna. I think it would be difficult to install, because it has to be strung around inside the notebook’s case in different places than the current one. Lots of people do it, though, so maybe it’s just me that thinks it would be difficult.

Second, I’m guessing that that is a crappy Wi-Fi card which should be replaced with a better one. You could start by looking at an Intel 9265 or 9560.

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i will recommend open your device and remove that wifi card and clean with 99% Isopropyl alcohol and swap it in the card and make sure you have connect it properly and connect that cable properly it will work or else try a better wifi card like intel ax200 it will give you better performance.

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I used both pencil eraser and alcohol to clean it but so sad.
I have ordered a new same card model to replace.