What architectures does Fedora CoreOS plan to target?

Interested in whether there are any plans to publish AWS images with support for AWS Graviton (ARM) processors?

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Yes. We are working on adding aarch64 artifacts to the pipeline. As part of this we’d like to include shipping and uploading AWS images, though it might not happen at the same time.

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Give ami-0ecf9cbbe8ac7fd56 (us-east-1) a try. It’s a development image (no updates), but would be interested in early feedback. I’ll leave it up for a month or so.

Thanks Dusty. Apologies for the vacation-delayed response. This AMI seems to boot as expected and passes all our smoke tests to auto-join AD, auto-join Swarm, mount DFS file systems, applying custom policies etc. We do want to go beyond this and start to validate cost/performance with some real workloads but there are a few other priorities right now.