Launch FAQ: Which platforms does Fedora CoreOS support?

Fedora CoreOS is expected to run on at least

  • AWS,
  • Azure,
  • DigitalOcean,
  • GCE,
  • OpenStack,
  • Packet,
  • QEMU,
  • VirtualBox,
  • VMware,
  • and bare-metal systems if installed to disk or network-booted.

Any plans for GovCloud in AWS/Azure?

No specific plans yet, but happy to look into that. I’ve only had limited exposure on the gov side on AWS, and I think image uploads work differently.

We’ll add this to the list. Thanks!

Hi, I am very interested in facilitating the use of Fedora in GovCloud.
+1 to that and I am very interested in working with infrastructure team to make that happen.


Container Linux already publishes to AWS GovCloud and Azure Government, so the technical mechanisms already exist. On the non-technical side, it’s very likely that formal agreements will need to be in place for this to happen, and I don’t know anything about what’s involved there.