This month in Fedora CoreOS (January 2022)

Welcome to the first issue of “This Month in Fedora CoreOS”. In these posts, we will give a regular overview of notable things that have happen in Fedora CoreOS.


January was a busy month in terms of releases, other than the regular biweekly releases we had to push 2 ad-hoc releases. Both happened for our next and testing streams. The first one was needed after we realized that some AWS instances failed to boot with a newer kernel and the second one was to fast track the security fixes related to a polkit (CVE-2021-4034) and kernel CVE (CVE-2021-45469).


In January we have finalized moving our build pipeline from the CentOS CI infrastructure to the Fedora Infrastructure. This is a great milestone that allows us to be in the same infrastructure as the rest of Fedora’s build systems.

We have also discussed a more concrete proposal to provide release notes with each of our releases. Hopefully more to come on this soon :smile:

Coming up we are also switching iptables in Fedora CoreOS to use the NFT backend in the next few months. More Info

In case you have missed it

You should catch up on these presentation :

The OKD working group also met during, OKD Working Group Hybrid Meetup

We also held a video community meeting where we discussed about what is in progress and looked at what to focus on next.

Where to find us

We meet on IRC( #fedora-meeting-1) or Matrix (Fedora Meeting 1) every wednesday at 16:30 UTC.
You can also find us on the #fedora-coreos channel.
If you would like to report an issue or ask a question, you can use our GitHub tracker