This month in Fedora CoreOS (March 2022)

Welcome to the March issue of “This Month in Fedora CoreOS”. In these posts, we will give a regular overview of notable things that have happened in Fedora CoreOS.


We have had one out of schedule release this month to provide updated packages for the Dirty Pipe Vulnerability (CVE-2022-0847). We have also released our next stream based on Fedora 36 beta content the day of beta release.


  • we have moved our upstream CI infrastructure (CoreOS CI) from CentOS CI to the Fedora infra.
  • VMware OVA images are moving to UEFI by default, with Secure Boot enabled.
  • The next stream has been rebased to Fedora 36 Beta.

Where to find us

We meet on IRC( #fedora-meeting-1) or Matrix (Fedora Meeting 1) every wednesday at 16:30 UTC. You can also find us on the #fedora-coreos channel.
If you would like to report an issue or ask a question, you can use our GitHub tracker.