# This month in Fedora CoreOS (April 2022)

Welcome to the April issue of “This Month in Fedora CoreOS”. In these posts, we will give a regular overview of notable things that have happened in Fedora CoreOS.


We are releasing our next stream weekly until F36 GA, so that we can benefit from any fixes making it’s way before the GA. This is a good reminder to report any issues with the next stream on our GitHub tracker.


  • We have added support for VirtualBox, you can now easily provision FCOS instances on this platform. Check the documentation
  • We have remove the libvarlink-util package from the next stream, this was initially added for podman-remote but not longer used by podman. More info
  • We held a test week focused on testing our F36 content. Check the list of issues gathered during that week. And thanks to everyone that participated.

FCOS stats

A new section this month that looks at the data we get from the rpm-ostree countme service. The following are representing the instances that have been up for a week or longer.

Number of FCOS instances per week


Number of FCOS instances per Fedora version

This graph is quite interesting, while the big majority of FCOS instances are based on Fedora 35 content is not a surprise, the number of instances running on Fedora 36 content (142) gives us a good idea of the number of instances running on the next stream. Regarding the instances based on Fedora 34 content (1126) represents (I believe) OKD hosts.


Number of FCOS instances per architectures


Where to find us

We meet on IRC(libera.chat #fedora-meeting-1) or Matrix (Fedora Meeting 1) every wednesday at 16:30 UTC. You can also find us on the #fedora-coreos channel.
If you would like to report an issue or ask a question, you can use our GitHub tracker.

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