Weird pen tablet behaviour under Gnome Wayland

There are a number of weird behaviours when using a Wacom (DTC133 in this case) device in Gnome in Wayland
1 - The cursor is only temporarily set to the pen position. When I move a normal mouse it reappears in the previous position.
2 - Cursor image is not set correctly. It either shows the last used cursor image or nothing at all.
3 - In some programs the input doesn’t work properly. e.g., in OBS when you have a source selected and ctrl+click on another source it appears to receive just a click input ignoring the ctrl.
4 - Sometimes the entire gnome session crashes when you hover the pen over the tablet.
None of these happens in Gnome Xorg.
When using opentabletdriver in absolute mode it works fine in Gnome Wayland but no pen pressure, which i need for drawing. Using opentabletdriver in artist mode shows the same behaviour as the default driver. Maybe its an issue of how Gnome handles libinput events?
Absolute mode generates POINTER_MOTION_ABSOLUTE, POINTER_BUTTON libinput events.
Artist mode generates TABLET_TOOL_AXIS, TABLET_TOOL_PROXIMITY, TABLET_TOOL_TIP libinput events, same as the default driver.

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Added libinput

Firstly, Welcome to :fedora:

I have a HUION KAMVAS 16 PRO, which I am currently testing with other apps outside the creative (Blender, Inkscape, Krita ) workflows. I have not experienced the behaviour you are having.

Are there specific Wacom drivers you can install ?

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Thank you!
I’ve tested with the default drivers that come with Fedora 40 Workstation and OpenTabletDriver and compiling input-wacom 1.2.0 from source (same behaviour). I thought it was a widespread issue with wayland, im curious does your device also generates the same libinput events?
In krita the pen works fine in the canvas but also behaves kinda weirdly with ui elements.
Honestly i was kinda on the fence about buying a new graphics tablet since the DTC133 only has one button and i don’t look at its display while drawing so i might end up getting a huion if i keep hearing good things about it

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Well, don’t give up on your device just yet. My HUION and I have a rocky history, and only recently was this in the current state of “kinda” stable. I am doing a lot of testing, but some applications are flawless, but Inkscape crashes sometimes before/after use causing me to shutdown the device. Here is my device :

It’s large, and Mirror mode seems to work well. I need to throroughly test Krita, Inkscape is as above. Blender “seems” flawless ? but if you would like I can continue posting my updates here for you? My current workflow is RNote, Inkscape, Blender, Krita, GIMP. So that should produce a mixed bag of results.

I can give you more info on this in the morning. I haven’t honestly checked.

Here is another post where we discussed Tablets :