Weird issue - Software program just doesn't work

I am running into an odd issue with the software program that I think is unique since I have looked at the other posts and don’t see it. I am able to install from the terminal using yum or dnf, but I open the software program and see the section names but everything else is blank. When I click on the Updates or another tab, they just result in the spinning wheel and nothing else. It does not lag my system at all, so it is not really a pressing issue unless I can’t install programs any other way, which is still not the issue. I am placing an image of the blank screen. The only thing I can see in problem reporting is this crash report ( but I don’t think they are necessarily related.

Again it is oddly annoying, otherwise not interfering with my enjoyment of Fedora.

Maybe try dnf reinstall gnome-software?

I’ve seen this too. I think it just may not have the images pulled locally yet to display? What if you let it spin for a while… do they eventually load?

(I’m not saying that’s a solution, just curious.)

this usually works for me:

pkill -f gnome-software (to kill the process)

and then restart it.

@ankursinha your method works
@mattdm you can just let it spin all day, it’s hypnotic so don’t look directly in its eyes
@glb I’ll try that out if @ankursinha’s approach stops working.

Thank you all!