Is my Software installer centre broken?

I’m not sure what happened, but today I’m facing a weird problem.
Software is not loading at all.
(I’ve very good internet and I’m able to use it on this device. BUT Software doesn’t work.
It says 'Unable to connect to admin.fedora…(I don’t remember that message exactly tho)

What’s wrong here ? Does this mean like something around fedora (their side) is not working or is there anything wrong on my side ?

  • I’m not able to install / Uninstall anything.

(I’m on Fedora 35 GNOME)

The below pic is for reference.

Try killing the process and restarting it. Sometimes it gets stuck and needs a bump :slight_smile:

  • get the process ID (pid):
$ ps aux | grep gnome-software
asinha   1961495  0.0  1.2 1789448 418400 ?      Ssl  Jan13   1:47 /usr/bin/gnome-software --gapplication-service

The second column, after your user is the PID.

Then kill it by sending it a signal:

kill -9 <PID>

Then check again that it’s killed using the ps .. command, then click on it in the app list to restart it.

Thank you sooo much! It worked!!. :smiley:

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