Webpage cannot be displayed in firefox

I’m using firefox to open the webpage of Astropy | Affiliated Packages. It always shows loading the coordinated package and affiliated package but cannot displayed them. Chromium has the same problem on the same F33 system. What’s the problem?

A network issue on your PC? (DNS, routing, ad blocker, something?)

You can try to right click on the page, select Inspect Element from the drop down menu, and look if you can figure out what happens. (I.e. in the network tab, look if it is really stuck loading some address).


Do you have a adblocker installed (e.g. uBlock Origin)? When I set uBlock Origin to block 3. party scripts, I get the results as you, they don’t load. If I allow 3. party scripts (specifically ajax.googleapis.com and astropy.github.io domains on that page), they load.

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I don’t have any adblocker installed. I inspected the Element but was not able to find anything wrong.

Disable automatic DNS and try to use a public DNS provider.
If the issue persists, try to enable DNS over TLS.
If this doesn’t help, then try open the site using a VPN.

Is there any program on your network, like Pi-hole, or do you use a DNS provides which blocks certain domains? Can you resolve those domains using a public DNS provider, e.g. try using dig @ ajax.googleapis.com from command line.

I have dual system installed on my computer. I can open the webpage with firefox in Win10. The computer uses the same WIFI connection.

Are you able to open this URL?

This URL is opened as follows.