Problem on visiting website

On my computer and F39 system, chrome can visit some websites but firefox cannot. What’s the reason?

Any chance you set a proxy in one but not the other?

Provide some example websites you can reach in one and not the other. Also which Firefox are you using, RPM or Flatpak, and if Flatpak then the Flathub or Fedora remote?

I didn’t set any proxy.
I’m using RPM firefox.

What do mean by “visit”?
Do you mean you see an error message?
What is the error?

I mean chromium can open the webpage.
It’s Chromium in fact.

What, exactly, does “open the webpage” mean?
I have no idea what difference you are seeing.
You must tell us the details.

The page opens fine for me here with the RPM Firefox on Fedora 39.

as already asked by barry, what is the error message you see?

if the pages are taking forever too load on firefox try disabling ipv6.

if that helps it means your internet connection is ipv4 only, keep the changes.