Almost all websites are not loading up

Just installed Fedora 34 today and I’m using Google Chrome as my primary Browser. I’m able to only open very few about of Websites (Google Websites, Wikipedia, Flathub etc) whereas some websites from Google searches aren’t opening. Neither are they opening in Firefox browser on the device but my phone connected to the same WiFi is able to access those websites. How can I resolve this issue?
(Device being used is Asus Vivobook 15 if needed)

A lot more info is needed. It sounds like there may be a problem with the wifi card driver so we need the hardware and driver info.
Please post the output of “inxi -Fxx”.
Also search for similar problems with your laptop model and wifi adapter model/name to see if it may already have a fix available.

Make it inxi -Fxxz with z to hide details like MAC address, serial number, etc.

Also before opening a website open Network tab in Chrome developer tools (F12), you’ll see if an address is being resolved, or maybe there’ll be some errors in a Console.

Can you ping a website that doesn’t load? E.g. ping

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I hope this Info is enough for resolving this.
I couldn’t find any similar problems online and it seems like it’s only happening here.


This is the message given under Console section when I try to load a website that doesn’t open.
The message given after a while is -
“This sit cannot be reached
's IP Adress cannot be found

And yeah does work

Another thing to note is that all these websites were opening and working completely fine a day before when I was running ElementaryOS

Are you using an ad blocker on your browsers?

On firefox can you try:
Settings → Network → Enable DNS Over HTTPS
And then see if you can navigate to one of the problematic websites.
This is basically bypassing what ever is set-up locally for DNS.

In a terminal can you check:
resolvectl query <website you have an issue with>


It happens sometimes in a fresh installation.
Try update your system
sudo dnf update -y
then restart your laptop, and check, if not, delete all chrome config files.

I having the same issue when open this site on google chrome others websites also not open like similarweb or Wikipedia sites .