Wayland External Mouse Pointer Lag on Resolutions that bigger than 1080p

Hello. Fedora 39 Gnome Wayland user here.
Monitor resolutions that bigger than 1920x1080 cause external mouse pointer lag, it stutters. But the touchpad is fine. I think it is related to Mutter. I haven’t found a solution. Also Xorg doesn’t have this problem. I can’t stay 1080p because my laptop has 1920x1200 screen. And can’t use Xorg because applications I use do not work well with xorg

I sometimes have the same symptoms as you experience, but I don’t use Gnome but KDE. I have 2 screens, a laptop built-in one with 2560x1600 and an external one with 2560x1440 pixels.
Also in Xorg I have no problem at all.

Fedora 39 Gnome Wayland user as well. Ever since I upgraded to Fedora 39 a few days ago, the mouse pointer lags when the computer is heavily engaged in some processing task like opening an application or loading a vm. This never happened on Fedora 38 so something changed significantly somewhere in this new upgrade.