Gnome 40 have been unstable and glitchy since fedora 34

Hi, I was using fedora 33 until 10 days ago without any problem. I decided to start using fedora 34 and I installed it freshly.

Since then, on fedora 34 some graphical issues has been emerged that I never had on fedora 33.

These are my problems:

  1. Sometimes when I move the mouse quickly, some graphical glitches occur. The trace of the mouse pointer stays on the screen while the pointer itself is somewhere else.

  2. Sometimes when I’m watching movies on gnome video (totem) full screen, the screen freezes but the sound continue to play. I have to close totem and open it again to solve the problem.

  3. On google chrome when I watch video streams in full screen mode, the mouse pointer disappears.

I know you are going to tell me turn off video acceleration or something like that but I never had these problems on fedora 33 with the same settings

I have a pavilion-n260 laptop with A10 AMD APU. My graphic card is Radeon HD 8610G and driver in use is “radeon”. I’m currently on wayland.

If you log in with Xorg do you have the same issues

No, it seems everything is OK on Xorg.

But I like to use wayland, besides I want to know the actual problem.