Watching Netflix with SELinux not possible?

Running F32, X11, Gnome 3.36.6, kernel 5.8.11.

I have a question. I noticed that I cannot watch any DRM protected media from netflix and co.
When I visit the website with Firefox I get a “The WidevineCdm has crashed” warning.

So I flagged a bug on mozilla’s bugtracker but learned that the plugin is actually blocked by SELinux. Now, I like the feature and disabling it for watching tv shows seems a little bit weird. So I wanted to ask others how they do it or if it is the recommended way to disable SELinux for that.

Note I also use ecryptfs to encrypt my home folder.

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Thank you for your RTFM comment.

So the recommended solution of watching DRM protected content on Fedora with Firefox is to either disable SELinux (e.g. set it to audit mode) or troubleshoot the interaction of SELinux and Firefox yourself.

Did not think that this was such an edge case, but ok.

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The related issues seem to have already been resolved:

Thus, your problem should be diagnosed and reported properly.

@larph01 sorry if you feel that the previous answer is RTFM, because my answer is WFM :sweat_smile:
The suggestion of @vgaetera was to debug why you have this issue.
Indeed I can watch Netflix movies with Firefox without disabling SELinux.

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It feels like I took the wrong turn and ended up in the Arch user forum somehow. Well I will live with it disabled for now and try to work with the Mozilla people and/or file a bug with Red Had apparently. Sorry, I thought this was the right forum for this kind of question.

Speaking of, this bug also appears in the latest update of Firefox / Widevine on Arch. So…

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It is the right place to discuss this kind of issue.
But it doesn’t mean we have a ready solution for any problem.
Some cases may require to spend time and effort from both sides.


Well, if your issue is due to selinux, someone has provided a link explaining how to debug it and how at least get some log message that could be useful to other people in order to help you.
Why are you angry?
How other people could help you if they are not facing any issue and you don’t provide any clue, error message or log?
However, looking at your bug report on Firefox bugzilla, you could try to relabel the ~/.mozilla directory.


I am sorry, looking back at this I overreacted to an embarrassing extend, not sure why. Sorry to you guys @vgaetera and @alciregi.


Hey, that’s what makes us humans. :smile:

Please feel free to hang around at AskFedora and if possible, help with questions - you think you can be of assistance.


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