Howto get DRM working in Firefox

Hi there,

So i’ve installed Fedora 34 and installed the plugins for playing movies and music.
I can play videos in Firefox just fine, however DRM is not working yet. Also, the DRM option in Firefox settings is not even there/visible.

What’s the recommended way to get DRM videos working in Firefox?

Fedora 34 (64-bit ARM, Gnome 40.8)
Firefox 97.0.1
html5 test results

Thank you!

You can enable Widevine DRM by going to about:addons in your Firefox browser and enabling it. Here’s my html5 test results in Fedora 35 with Widevine enabled.

Thank you for your reply;

I don’t see a Widevine Plugin? It’s a relatively clean install of Fedora by the way.

Here’s a screenshot:



What does it mean “DRM is not working yet”?

What video are you trying to play? What is the error message?

Netflix, for example, which gives me error Error Code F7701-1003.

Here’s some more screenshots, also of :


Drm demo:

Sorry, i should have mentioned, might this be caused due to running in a Parallels virtual machine?

Go to about:config and accept the warning.

Type in “widevine”

Make sure media.gmp-widevinecdm.visible and media.gmp-widevinecdm.enabled are set to “true”.

Thank you for the tip @vwbusguy , but the setting does not exist for me, and if i add it manually and restart, it does not do anything.

I also tested downloading “Google Chrome (freeworld)”, in which DRM is supposed to work, but Drm/Netflix does not work here either.

I think the issue related to running Fedora inside a Parallels virtual machine on a Macbook M1 :cry:

I’ve used Firefox on a variety of machines and distros the past two years. I’ve never been able to play a single Netflix video. I thought it might be caused by some privacy.resistFingerprinting* setting, but I don’t know. I sorta gave up, and now I’ve actually got Brave installed just to use netflix.

Out of curiosity, are you running an aarch64 version of Fedora?

It seems it’s not currently supported in Firefox on ARM - 1679354 - Support Widevine CDM on Linux for ARM64 based devices

This is it. @nyaaaa , your MacBook M1 is aarch64 architecture.

That’s correct!

"Google Chrome (freeworld)” does not work for me either, so i wonder whether perhaps they don’t support arm64 either.

Also, i read about people having issues with drm and anti-cheat games running inside a virtual machine on M1 Macs, so perhaps running in a virtual machine via Parallels Desktop is another issue…

I have gotten it to work on Kodi on a raspberry Pi4, copying the adaptive bits over from a ChromeOS image, but I don’t know how much that is applicable to Fedora 35 and if Firefox/Chrome would be able to grok it. It appears that Firefox outright doesn’t support it currently on aarch64 at all, which is why the config is missing in about:config for it (see link I posted above).

Your best bet would probably be with Chrome and porting the drm bits from a ChromeOS image, but you should make sure doing so wouldn’t violate any legal terms of use and you’ll have better luck in a forum more geared to HTPC than here.