Firefox problem after upgrade to Fedora 35

I have a problem with Firefox after the upgrade - certain sites crash few seconds after I open them (one of them is Twitch, Youtube for example is ok though), logs show the following error:

firefox killed by SIGSEGV

#1 [] OsContextSpecificNext::Init(void)*
#2 [] DdiMedia_InitMediaContext(VADriverContext, int, int*, int*) [clone .constprop.0]*
#3 [] va_openDriver
#4 [] vaInitialize
#5 [] mozilla::FFmpegVideoDecoder<58>::CreateVAAPIDeviceContext()

I have a laptop with Intel tigerlake CPU (no discrete GPU) and I think new Intel driver was enabled by default in Fedora 35, could that be the cause of the issue?

Hi, @taylenismable In Firefox forums plugins are mentioned as cause of this. try a clean Firefox start.,

Help > Troubleshoot mode.


It’s because you have enabled VA-API which does not work correctly and it’s still an experimental feature. Please disable it (it’s off by default).

Also please file a bug at for further investigation.

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Can this be disabled using about:config by setting media.ffmpeg.vaapi.enabled to false (if it’s not already)?

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Thank you everyone for the suggestions. After checking it seems like this was caused by the media.ffmpeg.vaapi.enabled flag, which is a bit weird as it hadn’t cause any issues for me before the upgrade Fedora 34 → 35.
I guess since media.ffmpeg.vaapi-drm-display.enabled is still enabled I appear to have HW decode working (low cpu usage when watching Twitch/Youtube), so it’s not a big deal anyway.

Again, thank you all for the help!