Wanted: Best practice for power-management and troubleshooting tips

Power-management issues seems common among Fedora users. So far as I read from ASK.fp.o:

  1. Failed to blank screen / sleep / suspend
  2. Failed to came out from sleep / suspend
  • no response at all
  • some component failed, like no sound, no network, no screen, etc.

I want to read a article about the best practice how to set Fedora for power-management. And in case something failed, what is the troubleshooting steps to isolate which component might be responsible and where / how to fail bug reports.

I’d like to read such an article as well. I don’t know much about it. For what it’s worth, I think everything power-management related in Linux centers around ACPI. So that might be a good keyword to include when searching for information. LWN also appears to have a tag for power-management related articles: LWN - power management

I thought the following article gave a good intro to some terms and provided a little bit of commentary about the current situation with regard to power management on Linux:

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Thanks for the pointers.