Sleep problem on my system | KDE |

When a period of time passes without using the computer, it always suspends, that is normal, however a few days ago when it was suspended it asked me to log in again (before it did not ask me to do it again, only when I restarted the device) and then log in, my screen appears black and the only thing visible is the mouse pointer, the solution to this is to log out and log in again (when I press the power button, the interface appears with the options to turn off, suspend, log out, etc. so that is also visible) then everything is back to normal, but clearly it should not be happening, so I wanted to ask for your help to solve this

There have been many changes to power management in linux, but every vendor does things differently, so there are bound to be issues with some systems. If your system is from a major vendor the issue may be fixed with updates to Fedora and/or vendor firmware.

Please check for firmware updates from your vendor and make sure Fedora is fully updated. Also, please post the output from running inxi -Fzxx in a terminal (as pre-formatted text using the </> button from the top line of the text entry panel). This will help us understand your hardware and also make it possible for others with similar hardware and issues discover this topic and possibly help us find a solution.

You may be able to find useful error messages with journalctl, but if you are not familiar with journalctl you should be warned that it provides massive detail and requires some effort to identify the relevant lines. Maybe another reader with similar experience will suggest some search terms for use with journalctl.

Searching for error messages in journalctl around the time of system wake-up could point towards the issue. One of the last suspend messages are coming from systemd-sleep, so the error messages should be searched afterwards.