VSCode Broken?

Just updated my M1 MacBook Pro 16" to the latest kernel (6.5.11-404.asahi.fc39.aarch64+16k) on Fedora 39. Before updating VSCode (1.84.2) worked fine, but now the main window doesn’t render correctly.

I can attach/link logs if needed, but here’s something that I see getting spammed.

ERROR:gbm_wrapper.cc(258)] Failed to export buffer to dma_buf: No such file or directory (2)
link failed but did not provide an info log
WARNING:angle_platform_impl.cc(48)] ProgramGL.cpp:989 (checkLinkStatus): Program link or binary loading failed with no info log.
ERROR:shared_context_state.cc(81)] Skia shader compilation error

Delete your shader cache. This is a known problem with all Electron/Chromium-based apps (already reported upstream). Look for directories named ShaderCache in ~/.config/(app).


@marcan Can you please post the link to the upstream bug? Thanks!


Looks like it was (finally) fixed a few days ago, so now we wait a few weeks for it to go stable, and a few years for the Electron ecosystem to update :wink:

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