System Failrue after last boot (traps: Chrome_IOThread)

I am new to Fedora, but not to Linux, so apologies if I am posting it in wrong channel. After the last updates, I consistently get error. I don’t even have Chrome Installed. Any help would be appreciated.

System seems to work fine after the System Failure

traps: Chrome_IOThread[9760] trap invalid opcode ip:561ff1ec25d4 sp:7f8c39a62eb0 error:0 in code[561fefd29000+57e9000]

Thank you

Hi @iltutmish, and welcome to the community! You’ve come to the right place.

Can’t help you with the error itself, butthere are many browsers that build on chromium libraries, so they all could throw chrome-related errors. Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, Chromium, a bunch of others.

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Thank you for getting back to me, I have non installed only Firefox. So not sure where this is coming from. This happens during boot, that these are the parameters (cmdline) that are being passed to kernel image.What is important to note here is that, I have kernel 5.8.9-200.fc32.x86_64 loaded, which i can’t seem to find online, which I imagine should be available online when system is updated. When I install kenel-devel and kernel-headers, it installs kernel-headers-5.8.8-200.fc32.x86_64, but those headers are never installed. Only headers I have available are 5.8.10-200.fc32.x86_64. Please see

BTW, I was planning on comparing the kernel that installed 5.8.9-200.fc32.x86_64 with the official image, to see what is different. The reason being, that my system was compromised before by somebody in Israel and that made me paranoid.

I can’t seem to install
No match for argument: kernel-headers-5.8.9-200.fc32.x86_64
No match for argument: kernel-devel-5.8.9-200.fc32.x86_64
Error: Unable to find a match: kernel-headers-5.8.9-200.fc32.x8

The repositories only contain the latest version of a package, currently that is 5.8.10, so 5.8.9 is no longer there.
You can find info in which packages are in which Fedora releases on the kernel package’s repo pages here (that repo also contains the kernel-devel package, kernel-headers is here). Headers are sometimes behind the kernel itself if they didn’t change in an update, that’s why the latest kernel-headers version is still 5.8.8 - doesn’t matter, they work with 5.8.10 as well.

Ouch, how unfortunate. Generally Fedora follows the upstream kernel fairly closely. Besides side-by-side comparison, you can get the source package via dnf download --source kernel kernel-headers and poke through that. It’s the archive from which the package on your computer was built, and contains the upstream source, all the patches applied to the official upstream sources as well as a .spec file that defines how the binary was built.

its not necessarily tied to chrome. And this error is coming from vscode which uses electron which under the hood uses chromium also known as chrome. So your vscode might have some problem

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