Apps. VS Code, Blender and etc

Hello everyone! I have recently joined to Fedora Community and started to use Fedora Workstation! It’s very good experience and very cool OS. But some apps, such as VS Code and Blender look a few strange:) I use dark mode in Fedora Workstation and almost all apps switched on dark mode. But not VS Code and Blender. Regardless of that VS Code works normal. Blender does not work normal. Blender is very freezing, and this is only one small problem of all. And I have some questions and I want to know your opinions for all of that: 1. These problems of GNOME of Fedora Workstation? 2. Do you have such experience with other apps, if so, what are these apps and how did you solve these problems? 3. People, who used or use I3 WM, Have you encountered to problems like these?