Vote for Fedora on the 2021 Unplugged Tuxies

One of my favourite podcasts, Linux Unplugged, regularly has community polls for things like different Open Source software and distros to review, try, etc.

It’s a fantastic podcast, and they occasionally have people from the Fedora team on as guests.

Recently when they made a poll for which new distro to use for one of their production servers, OpenSUSE Tumbleweed won by a considerable margin. On the latest episode, it was revealed that a person from the SUSE community was sharing the poll on some internal mailing lists to drum up support. The hosts of Linux Unplugged said that was fair game and said that maybe the folks from Fedora or Ubuntu should have done the same.

I assume there are a lot of us here that use Fedora as a daily driver. I think that Fedora Workstation has had an excellent 2021, particularly with Pipewire/Wireplumber and GNOME 41 being so polished on the latest release.

If you’ve got a minute, consider voting for Fedora as the best Desktop or Server Distro of the year!

The poll is at:

The podcast itself is available in most podcasting apps or at if you want to see what it’s all about.




Hello @woodywoodah ,
Welcome to! Thanks for bringing this to the attention of the community. I will cast my vote for Fedora Linux.
[Edit] Done!

Voted :), there is “contact us” if I would like to ad more choices to they list. I would like to add neovim and swaywm because they changed completely my work flow this year and I love those projects for that. But I didn’t find where I could contact them, any clue?

Thanks for sharing. Just voted (… Fedora : ) and my favorite new comer is definitely Kinoite :slight_smile:

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