Positive feedback & kudos to Fedora Project!


Not a question this time, but the 2021 will be over quite soon making this a good opportunity to thank Fedora Project.

First things first. I’m full time Linux user for some ~15 years now. My personal laptops, PCs and homelab are all Linux-based. Distro hopped for some time, mainly Debian family distros trying to find Linux variant having proper defaults for average user despite the fact I’m sort of power user myself, capable resolve most of linux-related issues.
For long time I have resisted to try RPM based distros believing DEB package management is better (IMHO it is, but I’m fine with DNF as well as APT) and RPM is somehow “flawed”. Last year I took my courage and Installed F34 to two of my laptops (2014 MacBookPro and Lenovo T495, all AMD). It was so smooth! All things worked, even PipeWire with Bluetooth speakers - Fedora remembered I was connected to BT speakers after rebooting/shutting down ! GNOME native apps worked better, e,g., Boxes, Connections, Music. Better than in other Linux distros featuring GNOME DE. So, after F35 was released I installed it to two of my desktop PC (custom built, one all-AMD) as well and upgraded laptops. All went smooth, everything works as expected.

I realize, that one’s luck depends on the HW at hand, on availability of specific tools, which might be required daily, but for me 2021 is Linux Desktop Year already, thanks to Fedora Project. Despite the fact that I’m able fix my issues with Linux myself, I believe that sane defaults and OOTB working daily small bits and pieces (e.g., BT audio remembering output between reboots, Connections not crashing while connecting to Windows VM, etc) are important. Even to professionals, who simply want use their daily machines instead of spending hours “fixing” it. I like diversity and choices, and at least to me Fedora Linux provided good choice.

Thank you all good people behind the Fedora Project and beyond!


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