Vnc resolution in gnome


I use gnome on fedora 32. I wonder how I can configure my system to serve a higher resolution screen via vnc.

vncserver -geometry WidthxHeight
        Specify the size of the VNC desktop to be created. Default is 1024x768.

What VNC server are you using?

thank you. Hmm, I have never “consciously” installed a vnc server - I use the default one, activating it via gnome’s setting “sharing”. it is not tigervnc-server - at least, issuing vncserver in the shell asks me whether I like to install the tiger.

Resolution of the default VNC server matches the server session, which can be configured in the Settings > Displays, however increasing the resolution beyond the maximum should require something like this:

XMODE="$(gtf 2500 1200 60 | sed -n -e "/^\s*Modeline\s/s///p")"
XOUTPUT="$(xrandr --query | sed -n -e "/\sconnected\sprimary\s.*$/s///p")"
xrandr --newmode ${XMODE}
xrandr --addmode "${XOUTPUT}" "${XMODE%% *}"
xrandr --output "${XOUTPUT}" --mode "${XMODE%% *}"

On the other hand, the VNC client such as Remmina may also change image quality and color depth to optimize speed, so make sure these settings are configured appropriately.

thank you, but I am not shown any server session there. only my normal monitors.

I use android MultiVNC as a client - cannot customise resolution, only color.