VM console automatic resizing

So I have a virtual machine that I only access via virsh start --console virtual-machine and it gives me a vt220 console(I’m pretty sure it’s fbcon). The problem is that the console doesn’t automatically resize itself to the size of my terminal(konsole) window. My current solution is that I dropped stty rows 38 cols 186 into /etc/profile.d/custom.sh but that is still only a set value and not an automatically resizing one. I believe there is a solution here: Is it possible to dynamically resize the console window of a virtual machine in RHEV? - Red Hat Customer Portal but it’s locked behind a paywall.

My restrictions or requirements for solutions is:
1 - Do so without installing a display server(x11 or wayland).
2 - Do so only with programs in the official F39 or RPMFusion repos.
3 - Do so without ssh, I don’t know if it will automatically resize with ssh, but I’d rather keep that port closed. This vm needs to be as locked down as possible.

I think that creating an isolated virtual network and using SSH is the easiest way:

Not a paywall, you just have to subscribe.

Probably not paying with money … but with your data.