VirtualBox on Silverblue



I have an oddball requirement to run a VM packaged as a VirtualBox image. Looking at Silverblue it seems this isn’t going to be easy to do in a way that won’t be fighting the system.

I am fairly certain this requires a kernel driver, which as far as I know isn’t supported at all in Silverblue. I am hoping I am wrong, so I continued thinking:

  • As far as I know, there is no flatpak version of this software.
  • It doesn’t seem like this is appropriate to try to run in a container as I will be reinventing flatpak.
  • Finally, my takeaway from conversations at was that this isn’t a good candidate for adding via rpm-ostree install as it doesn’t extend the OS and sets me up for big future conflicts.

Is there a good solution here? Should I wait to use Silverblue until after this requirement goes away?



we just added some virtualbox support in the Fedora kernel:

Is this the driver you need ?


See for the DKMS discussion.