Virtual background app for Fedora?

Hi, everybody I was just wondering does anybody have any positive exerpience with a virtual background app for fedora to recommend ? I use Zoom and MS Teams quite a bit because of work meetings.

A good option could be jitsi

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But i need to be able to use Zoom or MS Teams , I don’t need an alternative, I can’t run a Zoom meeting from Jitsi.

Zoom has a good background setting. You will need a nice green screen behind you to make it perfect.

Haven’t got one, I can find a bunch of software for WIn and MacOS. I found this as a solution for the problem.

I’m confused, because Zoom has virtual background support builtin (yes, even in Fedora). Are you using the latest version?

Yes, but <I don’t have the green screen behind me so it’s not perfect.

Yes, the builtin Zoom virtual background does not require a green screen any more.

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