OBS plugin installation issue

Hi everyone, I was trying to instal this :[Background Removal / Virtual Green-screen & Low-Light Enhance | OBS Forums], but non of the releases seem to work.
Can anybody help me install the plugin or find a way to perform a background removal on Fedora for apps in general (Telegram,).

What is the actual goal.?

Gnome settings allows one to select an image as the background and if one were to have a blank image to select it should meet your needs. Use the ‘Add Picture’ button

I do not understand if you are looking for the background within an app or for the desktop.

I am trying to remove my background when I am using a webcam.

I think I have a better idea of the issue now. You are using a webcam and want the background of whatever is being shown in the webcam to be blanked out – or replaced ??

Zoom is able to do that, but I don’t know about other apps.

The background can be blurred or removed/replaced. I need it to work with different apps.That why I tried installing the plugin, I mentioned but I don’t have a clue how am I supposed to use these releases when they are for Mac,Win and Debian.

You can use OBS for that, but you need to know your way around OBS, need the virtual camera output (via v4lloopback, that is you need a kernel module) and - if you don’t want to use a real greenscreen (which gives better results) - you need to get that virtual green screen plugin working. Are you sure you want to go that route? I would not recommend that if OBS is new to you, frankly.

I am not new to OBS but the plugin in question is the issue.OBS updated their release so their is no need for v4lloopback.I just need help installing this plugin, that’s it.

Solved the issue by using the Software Center and installing the Flathub version and then installed Background Removal.

Interesting. If the virtual camera output in obs works without v4l2loopback (resp., with obs 29, even shows up) I’d be keen to know how!

If you want to build the plugin for an rpm install then the PR at Fedora build adjustments by raag · Pull Request #95 · royshil/obs-backgroundremoval · GitHub might have valuable info for you.

But, in contrast to other obs plugins, this one is heavy on dependencies, and the upstream authors do not want to tailor for the needs of Fedora rpm users because “obs rpm” is not an “official obs distribution”. The flatpak is, and the plugin flatpak brings along all its deps. You’re better off with that (sadly).