Where is the GUI for webcam settings?

There doesn’t seem to be a Webcam page within the Gnome/Fedora Settings anymore. If I want to adjust my webcam settings … such as brightness … how do I do it?


I believe this is application-specific:

GNOME Cheese > ☰ > Preferences > Image > Brightness

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Yah, doesn’t help. Because most applications don’t have a configuration – particularly, NONE of the videoconference platforms do. They expect the OS to manage the webcams.

Plus, Fedora/Gnome used to have a control panel for webcams. Its vanishing seems to be Gnome breakage, because I can’t find one in Ubuntu, either.

Overview - rpms/v4l2ucp - src.fedoraproject.org

sudo dnf install v4l2ucp
sudo rpm-ostree install v4l2ucp

GNOME > Applications > Video4Linux Control Panel

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This seems like an area that could… use some UI work.


Thanks Vladislav!

Darn, no flatpak. Will have to see if I can layer.

But yeah, this should just be built into Fedora. It’s just weird not to have any way to configure your webcams, at all.

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Not as neat as a native OS integration but way nicer than v4l2ucp: camset.

There’s also cameractls @ https://flathub.org/apps/hu.irl.cameractrls — it’s a flatpak (from Flathub).