Virt-manager/kvm failed to read iso images - Permission denied

I am using Fedora Silver Blue since couple of days , and i have to install virt-manager and work with virtualization , everything was going well , but when i choose iso and boot from it on the log it says permission denied to read iso image , i tried adding user to libvirt group and uncommenting unix sock group and group permission from libvirtd.conf file but although it is not working . anything that i am missing or has any one faced such issue ?

It depends on the connection mode you are using:

  • qemu:///system better fits a dedicated virtualization server.
  • qemu:///session is more suitable for a desktop.

qemu:///system vs qemu:///session | Cole Robinson

how to know which connection mode i am using on the libvirtd ??

gsettings get org.virt-manager.virt-manager.connections uris

its system i need to swithc to session right ?

i just installed virt-manager for managing with

rpm-ostree install virt-manager

do i need to install any other packages ? \

You can keep both system and session connections.
System mode is necessary to manage virtual networks.