Vim original author Bram Moolenaar has died

This is … sad. Unlike the person who posted the link[1], my first experience with the Vi world is indeed Vim, and the splash screen encouraging donations to Uganda[2]

That somehow felt… like a personal touch (I was a broke student so didn’t really ever donate to that cause, though I later donated to many others)

Thanks Bram for bringing Vim to the world, from someone who now uses the Vi keybindings on terminals, Emacs and (shudders) VS Code!

[1] Solène :flan_hacker:: "The Vim original author Bram Moolenaar has passed…" - BSD Network



PS I still agree that switching Fedora to nano by default was a good move :wink:

I just knew about it today. The Social Media team did a post on Mastodon with the condolences! Long life to vim!

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For those who have not seen it, Fedora Project :fedora:: "The Fedora Project joins the Vim community in sen…" - Fosstodon

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I had no idea how huge vim was until Bram’s passing was discussed in nearly every tech circle. And vim has always been my editor of choice (after all, of all available editors, it’s the most vi-able :wink: ).