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Show us your nifty Neovim / Vim configs, tools, plugins and themes !

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This was really interesting. I don’t use Neovim with a lot of plugins—actually, I only use this one because I like it more than netrw. I did get LSP support setup with Mason some time ago but never used any of the code completion/keyword searching/other advanced features and forgot they existed. It is nice to have syntax errors/warnings picked up directly in Neovim, though.

Once I’m more comfortable, something like leader + vrn – Rename variables will surely be very handy.

The only configuration in ~/.config/nvim/init.vim I really love is:

set clipboard=unnamedplus " use system clipboard

Zellij with Neovim is what makes it a killer setup for me. I don’t know how I’d live without it now.


I’m not sure where to start. :writing_hand:t5: :thinking:

I have been programming for years, but for the handful of years I have been using Vim/NeoVim. Honestly, I should just say I have been pressing keys and typing away in Vim/NeoVim.

I was drawn in by it’s simplistic look. The black background and the distraction free look and feel. Yet I felt in some way this proverbial Black Box had so much to show. It took me a couple years in to just opening it, typing something, and closing it to realize that I could run commands from my Terminal in it :exploding_head: . I thought to myself, What else did I need in an editor? I mean it has everytihing you “could” ever want right?

LSP. . . :exploding_head: :100:
NERDTree :heart_eyes:

So typing :PlugStatus brings me to what my config is.

- vim-polyglot: OK
- fzf: OK
- vim-choosewin: OK
- vim-indentwise: OK
- colorizer: OK
- tagbar: OK
- vim-isort: OK
- jedi-vim: OK
- fzf.vim: OK
- vim-hug-neovim-rpc: OK
- FixedTaskList.vim: OK
- vim-autoclose: OK
- deoplete.nvim: OK
- vim-devicons: OK
- nerdtree: OK
- IndexedSearch: OK
- neomake: OK
- deoplete-jedi: OK
- MatchTagAlways: OK
- vim-fugitive: OK
- ack.vim: OK
- vim-airline-themes: OK
- vim-surround: OK
- dir-configs-override.vim: OK
- vim-indent-object: OK
- emmet-vim: OK
- YankRing.vim: OK
- numbers.vim: OK
- vim-monokai-tasty: OK
- nerdcommenter: OK
- vim-airline: OK
- vim-signify: OK
- context_filetype.vim: OK
- nvim-yarp: OK

These are the plugins from a config I started using several years ago. Till recently I honestly had no idea what I had on the Vim/NeoVim so I have been going through 1-by-1 to see how things are used. I am creating a different profile, with just an LSP and a theme or two.

For me to start the journey, I found this to be the best way to start. A small config that gets out of your way.



Woah, that’s a lot of plugins.

For me to start the journey, I found this to be the best way to start. A small config that gets out of your way.

I very much agree with that. I continue to be surprised by all the functionality built-in to Neovim.

Like you said, you can even use a terminal inside of Neovim with :terminal bash. It’s not quite as nice as multiplexing Neovim and a terminal with Zellij, but it’s very usable.

It’s the opposite for me :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Vim and Neovim for years, and I’ve recently started learning programming. I also use it for general writing, quickly cleaning up markup, managing server configuration files, and all manner of stuff. I love it.

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I’ve been on vim for a number of years, and I’ve collected a bunch of plugins over the years. From time to time I go through my plugins to remove ones I haven’t used in a while, but I haven’t seen them cause any “slow downs” yet.

The config is here. You’ll also see some functions there for tasks I do often, and some custom stuff needed for my daily work (like automatically verifying an XML against a schema file):

I use vim inside byobu with tmux. At any time, I have ~6 tmux sessions, one for each “context”, and they are all pretty much running at least one vim instance.

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Actually most of the plugins are themes related. From what I have been doing recently, going through a plugin to autoclose a parenthesis or bracket is cool and useful, ack useful but honestly not a requirement. I haven’t even cracked the surface with it yet, since I can just :grep or /my-pattern. So still going through them and seeing what should stay or be removed. Obviously fzf is a must and jedi & deoplete-jedi could be replaced by a LSP.

I don’t know anything about those tags so I’ll report back with what I find.