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You know I’ve tried cosmic, and it just is not that good in my opinion. I find it doesn’t work smoothly and is definitely a windows look alike.

From Project Discussion to The Water Cooler

Added tech-talk and removed silverblue-team, workstation-wg

Hello @frankjunior
I don’t understand the goal of these posts. This is not the first time you throw a link to a software.
In this case, why cosmic-text should be included by default? And where? In every edition and spin of Fedora Linux?
Probably in a future Fedora Cosmic Spin, it will be included in this spin, who knows.
But creating random posts for every software you found useful, asking to include it in Fedora, in my opinion it doesn’t lead anywhere and it just create noise.


I dont know how this works, but I want to give you a warning.

These posts are spam. They are not researched, most of these “requests” are not even beta ready.

Fedora Discuss is very open, so that the developer discussions are mixed with general community support.

Rule of thumb:

Do you know what this project is, how it works, what its benefits are, if it is packaged for Fedora? Do you have anything to contribute or plan to help integrate this?

  • yes, I know what it is, I am able to contribute to it → Project Discussion
  • no, I need help with a problem occurring when using Fedora, or some Brainstorm, I will not be able to contribute → Ask Fedora
  • no, but I find it interesting, have good points to add and want to discuss something → Water cooler, tech talk
  • no, none of the above → SPAM

Many of these posts are Spam. This is annoying for Moderators to always sort out.

If you continue to spam, your ability to post to this forum will need to be restricted.

Please help us, by sorting your posts like I explained above, and dont abuse the “Project Discussion” category