Viber Installing Problem


I have been trying to install viber but when I download the files directly from the website and try to install then from the software center, after starting to install it stops suddenly while it gives me a note of “bad sign of gps”. How can I fix it?


Maybe the download was not executed correctly. unfortunatly viber does not provide checksums for their installer files as far as i see. May try to download the rpm file again and compare the checksum of the file you downloaded before or you try the flatpackinstallation of the viber client.

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Hello @rednuth, it seems as if it is a bad or missing GPG signature. Is this on Workstation or Silverblue? If on Silverblue, I would look into using the flatpak and not the RPM. If on workstation you can try to install from the CLI using dnf with the --nogpgcheck option.

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thanks it worked.

P.S. I realized how bad written my initial question was. Sorry for that, its just that I just installed Fedora moving from xubuntu and it has been a frustrating experience up to now.

Packages are signed for security. Here is some information on this bit: